The Private Destination Club was born when the Beekman Group identified that the South African market was ready for an exclusive holiday solution - an offering as unique as South Africa itself. The Beekman Group teamed up with long standing associates in the leisure industry, the Registry Collection and Winchester Exclusive Portfolio, to form a product for those South African families who are not just looking for holiday accommodation but rather the ultimate leisure experience in some of the most sought after luxury accommodation and destinations in South Africa and the world. 

Being a member of this Club means you believe that your leisure time is as valuable as we do which is why we allocate a personal Concierge to guide you through the exciting vacation planning process - giving you the best advice and service to ensure your holiday experiences are truly unforgettable. 

We have searched far and wide to ensure the Private Destination Club is simply unmatchable in its offerings. We will continue to do so for all our members who, simply put, enjoy the finer things in life!