What is an Access Credit?

An investment in The Private Destination Club constitutes an 'Access Credit' value. Each week is allocated an 'Access Credit' value, based on the unit size, location and the season within which it falls.

Why are there different destination Collections?

Access to the different Collection accommodation and benefits is determined by the number of access credits purchased. The more credits you own the greater your access and benefits in the Club.

How many Access Credits do I get each year?

The amount of Access Credits purchased by you is re-allocated to you on an annual basis. You may increase your portfolio at any stage, should your initial purchase become insufficient for your holiday needs.

Do Access Credits carry over into the following year if they are not used?

Access Credits carried over at the end of the year in which they were allocated will automatically accrue to your Access Credit account for the following year’s use. Access Credits that are accrued for two years and are not used by you by the last day of the third year shall lapse and will no longer be available to you. Access Credits that are forfeited at the end of the 3rd year cannot be reinstated. For your peace of mind, please note that in order to protect you when doing the reservations, the system will always allocate the credits closest to expiry date, to that reservation.

Can I borrow Access Credits?

Yes, you may take up to one (1) year advancement on the allocation of Access Credits for use in the current year. This is subject to the advance payment of estimated annual Membership and Reservation Fees attaching to the advanced Access Credits.

Are my Access Credits affected by inflation?

Access Credits are inflation proof, for example, if 50 Access Credits are required for a full week’s accommodation at The Kingdom Resort at present, 50 Access Credits will always be required (unless the resort is upgraded or downgraded).

How many Access Credits are needed when booking a holiday?

The number of Access Credits required depends on the resort at which you want to stay. This also depends on season, size and how long you wish to stay. The amount required is then deducted from your Access Credit balance. There is an Access Credit Table available on each resort page or alternatively, you can click here to view the full table and look up the Access Credits needed for your stay.


How do I make a booking?

All bookings are done by your dedicated concierge who is available for you to consult with. Please contact your personal concierge:
Tel: 0860 300 030 or +27 39 688 5480 or email:

Once a booking has been made, do I get a proof of the booking?

A Booking Confirmation is issued and sent to you with every confirmed reservation. Should you wish to send a guest, their information will be recorded on this confirmation.

Can I make a booking for family and friends?

Yes, you can make a booking on your account for whomever you choose. It is your responsibility to ensure that visitors are properly familiar with and in all respects comply with both The Private Destination Club Rules and the Rules of the estate. They will require a copy of your confirmation letter for check-in purposes.

What periods are available for booking?

Bookings can be made for the entire year, subject to availability, and there are no blackout dates. During out of season periods full week, mid-weeks and weekends may be booked if the resort permits it; while during in-season periods only full weeks are available. Weekends (3 nights) are charged at 70% of full week’s credits and usually run from the Friday – Monday. Midweek (4 nights) are charged at 30% of full week’s credits and usually run from Monday to Friday.

How much advance notice must I give to book a peak season?

If you know that you need to travel in school holiday season, we advise that you plan 6 months or more ahead of time so as not to be disappointed. Our system is based on a first-come-first-served basis and all bookings are subject to availability.

What happens if I cannot honour my reservation, can a non-Member take my place?

You may cancel your reservation subject to the cancellation rules or, alternatively, your friends and family are allowed to use your reservation.

What happens if I have to cancel my reservations?

Standard cancellation terms apply in order to safeguard the inventory and avoid units sitting empty, thereby benefitting the Club Members. To cancel a confirmed reservation a written notice to that effect must be sent to the Concierge. Your account will then be credited as follows, based on the cancellation rules:

a. The Member will be credited with 100% Access Credits if that Member’s cancellation notice is received by your concierge more than 10 weeks prior to the check-in date of the cancelled reservation;

b. The Member will be credited with 50% of the Access Credits if that Member’s cancellation notice is received by your concierge less than 10 weeks, but more than 8 weeks, before the check-in date of the cancelled reservation;

c. The Member will not be credited with any Access Credits if that Member’s cancellation notice is received by your concierge less than 8 weeks before the check-in date of the cancelled reservation. However, should the Club be able to re-book the accommodation that was cancelled to a third party, then the Member’s Access Credit account will be credited with the value of the Access Credits that the Club was able to recoup on the re booking less a small administration fee.

How are my Access Credits allocated, when I make my booking?

Upon booking, the required number of Access Credits is deducted from your annual allocation. If you have used all your Access Credits for the year, you can borrow Access Credits from the following year.


How many units are available for Members to holiday at?

The Private Destination Club has access to luxury homes on some of South Africa's most sought after leisure estate properties and our portfolio is ever-growing. View our properties in detail in the Dream Destinations section of the website and look up the properties available on your colour seal’s home collection.

Do Members have access to alternative resorts outside of The Private Destination Club’s own portfolio

Yes, there are reciprocity agreements in place with several leading accommodation providers including, but not limited to, The Registry Collection, The Winchester Collection and iExchange. Depending on the number of Access Credits you own, you will be able to book accommodation at these resorts.

Are there any additional exchange fees charged for using reciprical resort accommodation?

There is no exchange fee for the associated resorts listed under the Pioneer Collection. For international bookings into the 4000+ iExchange resorts, Private Destination Club Members pay a nominal international exchange fee of R3080 per week. For bookings into all the Registry Collection destinations both locally and internationally, Members pay an exchange fee of R4320 for the first week exchanged per year and any other exchanges in the same year are then further discounted to only R2700 per exchange.


Do I need to pay annual membership fees?

Yes, there is an annual Membership Fee and these fees are calculated pro-rata based on the amount of Access Credits that you own. Membership Fees are used for the resort costs relating to the daily cleaning services, as well as to ensure that all service staff make your experience unforgettable. They also cover all rates and taxes, maintenance, electricity, water and security costs and that, together with the Refurbishment Fund Reserve, ensures that your access credits will always retain their value.

Is there an initial joining fee?

You are liable for an initial once-off administration fee that will be charged to join The Private Destination Club. This fee covers the cost of processing your agreement, printing of the brochure membership pack and your membership card.


Will I get a resort directory?

You will get a brochure featuring our resorts on commencement of your membership, with further updated details available here . Be sure to update us with your current e-mail address, so as to receive regular updates, specials and information.

If we purchase in a group /syndicate membership, do you require all the names and details, or just a delegated person?

The membership will be registered in the first/ primary Member’s name on the contract. There are 2 (two) complimentary Private Destination Club membership cards available per membership. If additional cards are required over and above this then a nominal fee will be charged.

How is my investment in PDC secured?

The inventory held by PDC is held in trust, and may not be bonded. Annual Financial Statements detail the ownership, as per audit from an independent firm.

Why is there an annual Reservation Fee?

This fee is charged annually along with the Membership Fee. This income is used by PDC to fund for all the reservations costs, including that of your private concierge, local exchange fees (excluding that of the Debonair Collection resorts) and member communications. This fee is raised only once per annum, and is compulsory whether a booking is made or not.

What is the iExchange Affiliation Fee for

Membership of iExchange is mandatory, allowing access to all of their properties. They also hold the exchange agreements for The Registry Collections, Winchester Collection and several additional agreements which allows a world of vacation exchanges to be open to you.